Advantages of Using an Online Casino

Online Casino

Basic Information

Online casinos have recently exploded in popularity both in Eastern and Western Companies. Eastern countries like Malaysia and casino online Singapore offer English based websites while other countries focus on their native languages.

Compared to a land-based casino, online casinos focus mainly on their members’ comfort and convenience. A focused customer is more likely to continue betting after all.

It is estimated that U.S based online casinos generate annual revenue of over $7,000,000,000 USD. Divided by 365 days, it can be assumed that the same online casinos net an average of $19,000,000 daily.


Mobility –  Many online games have dedicated mobile applications that allow you to bring the casino with you on the go. They have their own autonomous balances and for the casinos without an app, they have websites that can be accessed on both phones and tablets.

Testing Games Out/Play for Free – Many online casinos allow members to play their games for free before investing money into them. This allows players to get accustomed to playing practice games, before throwing money into an actual game. This adds to their dedication to customer convenience.

Customer Privacy –  Online casinos add to a player’s comfort and focus when they no longer have to worry about other people outside of themselves or the games they’re currently in.

Player Support –  A multitude of online casinos as it lowers the risk of being assaulted and robbed of the cash they just won or of the money they had planned to play with. This also adds to a player’s comfort and adds to their focus.

Free Casino Chips –  To entice new members to join, many online casinos offer new players bonuses which can include free chips to play with, free draws, or actual cash.

Real money –  Land-based casinos force their customers to play with casino chips which discourage players from looking at the whole picture when they’re betting. Players in online casinos can practice responsible gambling, as their account’s contents are always displayed during games.


Although there are many advantages to using online casinos, there are some disadvantages as well. More often than not, the disadvantages are the advantages of land-based casinos and vice-versa.

Waiting for Cash Out – In land-based casinos, you can take chips or tickets to the cashier for redemption and instantly claim your cash. However, for online casinos, you would have to wait a few business days for them to process your transaction and release your money. Not a good thing if you urgently need your money.

Technological Learning Curve – Most online casinos are user-friendly with their interfaces and their customer support is always willing to help with inquiries. However, there is a few people who just aren’t accustomed to using computers and the big jump from land-based to online casinos may just be too much for them to handle. 


By-and-by, online casinos can provide an elevated playing experience compared to their real-life counterpart. The only similarity the two share is the quickness at which players may get addicted, so please remember to gamble responsibly.

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