Facts you did not know about the Canadian iGaming market

iGaming market

Did you know these things about the Canadian iGaming market? Check out some useful information regarding gambling world in Canada.

If you want to join a certain regional iGaming market it is essential to get to know it in details at first. When it comes to the Canadian iGaming market this necessity is critically big. The thing is that through the years gambling sphere and casino games in general have moved through several falls and downs. All of them matter for you faultless and smooth gambling activity whether you are a guest in Canada or live here permanently.

Short overview of the Canadian iGaming market

First of all, let us be clear – Canadian and foreign players will face almost any issues in playing casino games. Not the same, though, is the situation with placing sport bets. However, in this article we will talk only about the iGaming market which mainly refers to real money games rather than to bookmakers. So, the very big issue is not for the gambler, for the gambling companies in Canada. There’s a very small chance for you to establish an iGaming company here. If you are not registered in Kahnawake, forget about it. All the in-house gambling websites are illegal. But all the offshore iGaming companies can be used smoothly by anyone in Canada.

Apart from that…Here are some facts you should know about the Canadian iGaming market:

  1. The first legal forms of gambling in Canada were bingo and lotteries. The same happened with the debut of online real money websites – mainly they offered bingo and lottery games. Before that, though, horse racing was admitted as legal in Canada. However, still today you are not allowed to place bets on horse races via the internet here.
  2. Canada is one of the most liberal countries when it comes to gambling. The fact that the government doesn’t allow any local companies to operate in the national iGaming market might make you feel it is kind of rough to the players. No such a thing. Here’s one of the few places in the world where no one of the jackpot (or any other gambling) winners will be charged with fees.
  3. Physical casinos in Canada are not a lot, but they bring enormous revenue to the national economy. Alongside with the income from the allowed online local operators the ground casinos make the country rich with nearly 12 billion of euros per year.
  4. It is not exactly true that there are no gambling websites in Canada. To be more specific, the local province regulators apply their strict monitoring programs over more than 50 different operators, which by the way provide nearly 250 different platforms the locals can choose from.
  5. There’s a tradition in the Canadian iGaming market to devote some promos, banners on other advertising materials on the national gambling-related relic. The relic we are talking about is something you might have heard about a lot of times – the Big Bertha, which is the biggest slot machine made ever on this planet.

A bit odd and complicated, but generous and various when it comes to gambling content, the Canadian iGaming market is actually something you should definitely test and experience.

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