How to Quench Your Excitement Level with Novel Casino Games?

Novel Casino Games

If the regular casino games like the blackjack, baccarat or other table games are no more driving your adrenaline level, perhaps your zeal is for fast-paced dice game like the Sicbo online or Sic Bo as is sometimes referred as well. It is also known as dai siu, Tai sai, big and small or hi-lo, etc. depending upon the region. In fact, you will find the game very exciting with the combination of higher payouts with the dice found in the craps and simply superb roulette rules. The simpler rules of the Sicbo stir the enthusiasm of all payers alike.

Basics of the Game

Only with a pair of game parts, you can play an interesting game. You have a gaming board and dice. Probably, you are used to playing with a pair of dice in other games. In the Sic Bo, you have three dice, where you need to predict the number that comes up or the set of numbers hitting and the total of the three numbers on the dice.

Single: You need to dict a number on which at least one dice should land.

Double: You are betting on a specific number that will roll on two of the dice.

Triple: In this bet, you can win the prize money if you guessed correctly that a specific number shows up on all three dice.

Total: Of all, this is the simplest bet you can stake by guessing the summation of the number in the range of 4 to 16 of all three dice.

Generally, the payout of 30:1 is the benchmark on a casino for a triple bet. You can also increase the payout amount to 180:1 when you bet on a specific Triple, though the probability is very bleak, there is a chance if you are lucky enough if lady luck smiles at you.

Useful Tips for You

As in the roulette game, placing a bet on odd/even or colored bet has odds of 50:50 with a subtle difference of 0 and 00. Similarly, you can enhance the chance of winning the bet with small and big bets for real money. When you hit the numbers from 4 to 11, the bet amount is small while the big bets come from the number when you hit above 11.

You can also combine the bets on multiple areas of the betting board. Your smart strategy of placing four different bets would enhance the chance of winning the prize money.

Bandar Togel SGP

The Bandar Togel SGP is the very familiar word to the Indonesian or players from Hong Kong, Singapore, and other Far East Countries. The lottery game has some variants, which enthuse the interest among amateurs and professional gamblers alike.

4D 3D 2D

The huge prize money drives all the players crazy while mengeri out the number structure comprising the A, B, C and D groups.

Free plugging is rather a simple game where you need to guess only one number of the 4D combination.

Color Jitu makes you not only guesses the number but also the position of the number is in the combination of 4D.

In the Mono Stereo game, the prize money varies with the market value. Therefore, you can become richer with your smart moves in this game.

You can quench your excitement level on the legit casino which is very popular among the players from the Far East countries.

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