Is Poker Gambling or a Game of Skill?


Poker is gambling but it is possible to trump luck with skill.

The word ‘gamble’ means ‘to play games of chance for money’. There are synonymous words such as bet and wager. Gambling is playing any type of game of chance or luck and hoping to win a prize, usually money but could be anything else depending on the terms agreed upon at the outset. Poker is one of the most popular games played in casinos, both offline and online. Poker is also played at private establishments. You don’t have to be at a casino to play poker these days. You can simply log on to Pokerace99 and play anytime and from anywhere.

Poker is Gambling

Whether you are playing at a casino or online at Pokerace99, poker is gambling and there is no doubt about this classification. It is a game of cards. There are different rules of the game depending on the version you are playing. But all poker variants have the same concept. A player has no control over the hands being dealt. A player cannot control the community cards. The dealing of these cards is a matter of luck. Since luck determines through the dealer who gets which cards and how they end up on the value chain with their hands, there is a huge role of chance and this basically qualifies the game as gambling.

Poker is a Game of Skill

Poker is gambling but it is also a game of skill. This is true if you are playing at a casino or online at Pokerace99. There are many games at casinos that are entirely about luck. Slots are a fitting example. Roulette is also about luck. There is no skill involved. Poker does have a lot of room for skill. The unluckiest of players at a table can emerge as the winner with smart moves, effective bluffing and meticulous bets, including folds.

It takes years to master the skills required to make luck a minor factor in a game of poker. Most players lack these skills. Hence, they tend to rely more on luck and end up gambling. Professional poker players know the role of luck and the impact of skills. This is why they end up with millions of dollars as net worth, whereas others may keep losing if they do not get the highest winning hand. To conclude, poker is certainly gambling but the role of luck is proportionately much less significant and skills matter more when compared to other games at a casino.

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