3 Versions Of Martingale Betting System

Martingale Betting System

If you love the Martingale betting system, then try its variations as well. Here are a few variations for Baccarat players.

Martingale betting system is among the topmost used betting systems for gambling. However, there are different versions of this system that you can also use to maximize your winnings.

Anti Martingale betting system

The anti-Maritangle or reverse martingale betting system is another popular variation. It is just opposite the original version. As per this method, you double your bet amount till you win. When you lose, you go back to your actual betting amount and continue until you win another game round.

For example, assume that you have placed a bet of $10 and lose a game. You continue this till you make a winning hand. In the next round, you will double your bet amount to $20. If you win this round, you increase the bet to $40 and continue till you lose. If you lose a round, you go back to the original amount of $10 and continue till you make another winning hand.

The anti-martingale betting system is better and safer since you only increase your bet amount for your winnings. Hence, you can maintain a positive bankroll while playing and not encounter significant losses.

Grand Martingale Betting System

The grand Maritangle system is a little more complex than the original version. You double the betting unit and add one branch of the actual bet amount if you encounter loss. It allows you to get better profit and helps to make up the loss with better rewards.

In short, the betting for losing rounds follows the series {1,3,7,15,…} while for winning matches, you go back to the original betting amount.

For example, assume that you have placed a bet of $2 for a round of baccarat. If you lose this round, in the next game, you will place a bet of $6($2×2=$4+$2). If you win this round, you continue with the bet amount of $6 for the next game.

Now, if you lose one round with a bet of $6, you place a bet of $18($6×2=$12+$6=$18). If you lose this round, you bet with $42($18×2=$36+$6=$42).

The best part of the Grand Maritangle system is its vast profit line. But, since it is a little more complicated and involves many risks, you should try it occasionally and for a few rounds only. Otherwise, you may end up exhausting your bankroll sooner.

Mini Maritangle

Mini Maritangle is a shorter span of the Maritangle system. In general, the method continues the double bet of the loss amount for a specific time of rounds like four to five rounds to cut down the drainage of the bankroll and return to your original bet amount.

For example, let’s assume that you started Baccarat at https://ssgame289.com with a bet of $5. If you lose, you bet $10 for the second round. If you lose, you bet $40 and continue till the fourth or fifth round. Irrespective of your winning or losses, you return to your original bet amount from the fifth or sixth round.


Besides the Maritangle system of betting, multiple customized versions exist for players. If you feel the Maritangle system is not sufficiently rewarding, you can check out these variations to map your performance.

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