Responsibilities and Duties of Casino VIP Managers

Casino VIP Managers

Account managers serve regular and high-value customers and offer promotions, amenities, and other perks

Casino VIP managers are tasked with attracting and retaining high-roller and other high-value customers who bet large amounts of money. They create and oversee customized promotions and deliver the highest standard of care. As the gambling industry is highly competitive, casinos must know their regular high-value visitors that bring consistent revenue. They are also more likely to refer other players. The role of VIP managers is to identify such customers and offer discounts, amenities, and high-value programs.

Job Titles

Job titles that are similar include VIP relationship executive, VIP commercial executive, and client relations manager. You may also come across positions such as:

  • Head of CRM
  • Account executive
  • Head of VIP
  • VIP customer relationship manager
  • Account manager
  • Customer success manager
  • Customer relationship manager

Duties and Responsibilities

Account executives work in online and physical casinos and have multiple responsibilities in delivering first-class campaigns.  They work closely with customer support teams to ensure customer satisfaction and respond to players’ questions and inquiries and provide relevant information. Ultimately, the goal is to provide superb customer service that meets and exceeds expectations. Account executives must have understanding and knowledge of various casino games like roulette, baccarat, sa gaming88, bingo, and poker. Customer relationship managers also have knowledge of gaming patterns and strategies and monitor player performance to offer hospitality invitations, gifts, and bonuses to high-value customers.

In addition managers are tasked with implementing and improving the casino’s overall strategy. The goal is to build and maintain long-term relationships, ensure players’ loyalty, and increase customers’ share of wallet.

Like other management positions, the role of account executives involves supervision, documenting and measuring, planning and scheduling of workflows, solving problems, and collaborating with other departments and staff.

Finally, VIP managers are tasked with ensuring proper communication between customer operations, CRM, and product operations to optimize the customers’ experience.

Experience and Qualifications

The ideal candidate has extensive experience in the casino industry and in areas such as customer service and account management. Key skills include problem solving, strategic thinking, decision-making, and planning. Other skills that employers are looking for when hiring are commercial awareness, foresight, persuasion, negotiation, and logical thinking. The list of skills also includes:

  • Time management
  • Presentation
  • Networking
  • Logistics
  • Leadership
  • Business storytelling

Job candidates are also ideally organized and detailed oriented, have excellent business communication skills, and able to work independently. They have a high level of integrity, are data-driven, and have experience in multitasking. VIP managers also support all teams and departments and work cross-functionally to ensure seamless operations.

Salary and Bonuses

Salary levels vary by country, experience, and venue but casino VIP managers also enjoy significant bonuses. This usually requires a Bachelor’s Degree and 3 – 5 years of industry experience. Positions are often advertised online as CMR and account management jobs.

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