Five Ways To Differ Fruit Machine From Slot Machine

Fruit Machine From Slot Machine

Several players fail to understand the difference between a fruit machine and a slot machine. To enjoy both the games, you must understand the difference explained in this guide.

Often players consider and think fruit machines are the same as slot machines. The confusion happens as these machine functions almost the same way. However, there are notable differences between them that you will discover with us in this guide. The confusion happens as both of them look the same but are unique in their ways. Before we start to explain the difference, visit idn slot cq9 to enjoy the most exciting gaming experience from the best games.

Here are five ways how you can differentiate between the fruit machine and a slot machine.


When it comes to popularity, both slot games and fruit games are popular. Many players enjoy these games because of their simplicity and some similarity. However, the main difference between them is fruit games are easy to play than slot games offering less complexity. However, there are not many betting options when a player is playing fruit games than slot games. 

Different Symbols 

To differentiate the fruit machine from the slot machine, you must understand the difference between classic slots and video slots. Since classic slots were popular in the 1970s and are found in almost every land-based casinos. They were as simple as the fruit games you play today. Fruit games are only the modern version of these classic slots, whereas slot games are similar to the video slots, which offer outstanding animation, 3D graphics, and unique themes. Fruit games may look slightly lame, but it is a fun game for players who like to engage in simpler games.

Unique Features 

Fruit machines come with this unique feature called the nudge and hold. However, some slot machines come with the same features. While playing on a fruit machine, you may need to use the power of skills to win, whereas playing on slot machines depends upon luck. Today’s slot machines have a lot to offer its players like mini-games, a second-screen bonus, mega ways and expanding reels, etc. 

Game Location 

Today slot games have received popularity among players, and this is why they are, found everywhere. However, the players playing on fruit machines are generally from older generations as they enjoy the same experience as they have had with classic slot games. Hence, fruit games are found in restaurants and pubs in the UK. 


Whether players are playing on land-based casinos or online casinos. Slot games offer massive payouts than playing fruit games. While playing slot games, you may get a chance to win a large amount in five, six, or seven-digit figures. Fruit games’ biggest prize may range between 2000 to 10000 times more than the initial stake. 

You can notice the difference between slot games and fruit games by going through this guide. However, both the games are fun to play and have their charm offering the players a decent payout. 

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